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Debate Visualizer


In a complex world where the amount of Information and veracity are always at check, this project proposes a new form to look at the objects that surrounds us; as being visual summaries of real world debates and conversations under an algorithm perspective. It raises a new materialism where meaning and data are present to freeze a moment in time and translating it into human understanding. The algorithm uses a system of voice recognition to extract the words used in the debates to later on analyse and dissipate. From that moment it will look in online databases for shapes that can resume the discussion. At the end an archetype of a vase made by a composition of 3 objects together. With this we aim to mix the use of technology and everyday objects to analyse the contemporary societies by the eyes of a machine, making his perspective come back to us.



Colaboration with Erik Vlemmix under

MeyouandTheRobot collective

The vases were produced from the following sources:

Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault – On Human Nature -1971

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton; First Presidential Debate – 2016

Aldous Huxley; interview - 1958